Technology is growing rapidly in this
modern era, with the existence of human life technology becomes easier. The
huge impacts that are being generated by the flow of information technology in
accelerating the transitional process of civilization, supported by the swift
flow of information forces people to have the ability and extensive knowledge
to compensate.

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The progress of the times leads
people to the more complex social dynamics. Human face of an increasingly
diverse life choices, not only to satisfying their needs but also to the views
and approaches to obtain and consume what the needs. Changes in people’s
lifestyles encourage the shifting of the necessities of life and people’s
consumption patterns as the population’s income increases.

The country of Indonesia has a
population of 261 million and is ranked fourth with the world’s largest
population with an ever-increasing middle class, an economy supported by a
strong consumer base, increasing purchasing power in almost all sectors and
resulting in solid annual economic growth. Until now, a strong consumer-based
economy has prompted the country’s GDP growth and are predicted to continue to
rise. Indonesia’s GDP will continue to increase in line with economic growth.

In 2016, the Indonesian economy is
experiencing a rapid growth, as illustrated by the statistics released by the
Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Indonesia’s economic figures in 2016
measured based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at current prices reaching Rp
12,406, 8 trillion. As for income per capita, currently reaches Rp 47.96
million (US $ 3,605.1) per year. This figure increased 6.25 percent from the
previous year, which is Rp 45.14 million per year. In general, the Indonesian
economy in 2016 grew 5.02 percent. This figure is higher than the achievement
of 2015 of 4.88 percent (Kata Data, 2017).

1.1 GDP Indonesia

The pattern of living that is driven
by this increase in income also encourages an increase in diversification of
increasingly diverse consumer patterns. Revenue increase encourages a more
modern lifestyle. One of them is the community began to understand the
importance of Education as a provision of life in the future. Science and
education become promising commodities in the business world. The high
attention of the government and the changing lifestyle of Indonesian society
has prompted this business to grow rapidly.

High awareness of education and
science offset by increased domestic consumption of resources and tools of
science. One of the sources can be met through the activities of reading books
and derivative products.

Books become the most accessible
source of knowledge. Activities to read a book into a mandatory activity for
educational people (students, teachers, researchers, practitioners) and the
general public. Consumption of the importance of the book, encouraging its
derivative business to be a promising venture. Businesses that focus on selling
books are easy to find, both in big cities and small towns. This is what
Gramedia bookstore captures as a promising business.

To be able to win the competition in
the business world the company must be able to display advantages and
advantages that are identical with its competitors. In order to succeed, a
company must have a competitive advantage or unique nature that can make its
product more attractive than its competitors’ products (Madura, 2001). Thus, every companies must understand
the behavior and intention of consumers in the target market because the
survival of the company as an organization that seeks to meet the needs and
desires of consumers is very dependent on the behavior of consumer.

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