1.      Provision
of social and economic empowerment for women- this involves creating financial
empowerment platforms for women especially those in the rural setting, as well
as, creating a social platform for women to exercise their human rights by
getting involved in social duties and responsibilities in the community. Women who
depend on men have been identified to tolerate violence to earn support
economically, hence, if women are empowered economically it will reduce their
risk of violence. Women should not be seen as the low members in the social
class but rather as part of the important members of the society. Women should
be seen and heard. Skills can be provided for women to generate income so as to
cater for basic needs and not be totally dependent on a man. This would help
her make better decisions that will increase her health status.

2.      There
should be changes to social norms that promote subordination of and violence
against women- in a society like Nigeria which operates a patriarchal system,
re-orientation is needed for the males about their gender roles and the
appropriateness of their masculinity into positive behaviours. This can be
achieved through promotion of gender equality in all spheres of the society.

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3.      There
should be collaborations with faith based organizations- this involves training
and building the capacity of religious leaders in a bid to transfer the
knowledge to the people in the community who hold these religious leaders in
high regard. Religious leaders are to advocate against violence against women
using relevant references in their tenets or book of worship. It also includes
creating support systems within religious settings for women who are victims of
this menace.

4.      There
should be sexual and reproductive health education for women especially those
in the rural communities so that they can know their sexual and reproductive
health rights and be empowered to stand up for those rights.

5.      Public
awareness should be raised through various media platforms such as films and
theatre productions on radio and television which can inform as well as encourage
community discussion against violence. Other wide range platforms are internet
and billboards or poster showing behavioral change messages against violence.

6.      There
should be a sensitization, training and long term behaviour change programme
organized for adolescent male to address early signs of sexually violent
behaviours. Working with men should focus on encouraging less
biased gender attitudes, norms, and beliefs, promoting women’s rights,
facilitating mutual respect and open communication, and generating common
understanding about the benefits of women’s economic empowerment and the harms
of violence (Fries and Finigan, 2015)

7.      There
should be an increase of women’s access to justice- when a survivor is assured
of getting justice no matter who the perpetrator is, she is more likely to
report and if the perpetrator is duely sanctioned by the justice system, it
will serve as a deterrent to others.

8.      The
support services should be increased and more centers established- many women
lack access to a standard support system, hence, they tolerate the battery
being faced at home. Some of these services are not handled by professionals
which discourages women of use. There should be provision of more support service
centers that would be easily accessible and comfortable for these women to be able
to discuss their challenges and share advice with one another. Most women will prefer
a support center with only women professionals who they belief they can have a better
relationship with.

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