Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/turkiye-afrika-iliskileri.tr.mfa

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/turkiye-afrika-iliskileri.tr.mfa

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Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/turkiye-afrika-iliskileri.tr.mfa

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/turkiye-afrika-iliskileri.tr.mfa

Africa’s Trade
volume with the continent in 2003 to 5.47 billion dollars, an increase of 17.5
billion dollars, and this figure has exceeded 3-fold in 2015. In the same
period, similar to our exports rose to 12.4 billion dollars from 2.13 billion
dollars, while imports have increased to 5.1 billion dollars from 3.34 billion
dollars. World markets experienced recession, depending in 2015 compared to
2014, the continent of our exports by 9.3% and overall, while our imports
14.1 there has been a decline in the share of our Africa’s total foreign trade
was recorded as 5% in 2015. Turkey, Africa attaches importance to contribute to
ensuring peace and stability operations.In this context, who still functioning
in Africa 9 UN with albeit mainly police element with modest figure 5 the
mission (MONUSCO / KDC UNAMID / Darfur, UNMISS / South Sudan, UNOC in / Côte
d’Ivoire and UNMIL / Liberian) staff There is contributing. -2 014 end, 22
African countries a total of 2,202 military personnel; Training was provided in
the Armed Forces Education and Training Authority. The training of African
military personnel in 2014 the number was 570. 249 Africans still
continue the training of military personnel. -2012 Year of official development
assistance carried Turkey 1 / 3rds of the 772 million dollars that has
established aid to African countries. Percent of Turkey’s foreign aid to
African countries was held in 2012, 31.37’s. The African Region has maintained
its position with the help of $ 783 million realized in 2013 figures. 2012 and
2013, Turkey’s official development assistance among the top 10 countries
benefited most from the first row is located in Somalia. Health Sector in
recent years has been one of the prominent areas of Turkey’s humanitarian aid.
Turkey’s nearly 20 bilateral cooperation agreements in the health sector with
African countries is available. Darf The Nyala-built 150-bed
Turkey-Sudan Research and Training Hospital, the region’s most modern and
organized was opened in February 2014 as one of the hospital. In five years,
will be operated by a common way of Turkish and Sudanese medical staff of the
hospital at the end of this period is expected to transfer to the Sudanese
authorities. Also, Somalia-Mogadishu, one of the largest hospitals with 200
beds Digf Hospital was opened in January during the visit of our President, Mr.
2015. Digf of hospitals are also expected to be operated jointly by Turkish and
Somali medical staff for five years.4

From Partnership Cooperation – Comparative Data

Increases mobility,
hostility and hence relations, there has been different high level visits from
different part of Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of
Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon, Ghana, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ivory coast, Guinea.

High-Level Visits – Political Contacts

Turkey declared
itself as a full member of the African Union (AU). In early years of improving
Foreign policy, Turkey acted as an observer to the AU.

Turkey, the African Union and regional organizations with

Which deals with
building and improving infrastructure in different regions within Africa, in
order to bring about effective development socially economically and
politically including trade, investments, and putting more efforts in cultural
aspect. And improving business operations in and out of Africa.3

Establishing the Infrastructure

May 7th,
2009 in sub-Saharan total of 12 Embassy of the continent, including Africa;
while today this number 39 is increased. In Tanzania and the Ivory Coast in
2009. In 2010, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Uganda, Angola and Madagascar, in 2011,
Zambia, Mozambique, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Somalia and Gambia in
2012, Niger, Namibia, Burkina Faso and Gabon, Chad in 2013, Guinea, Eritrea and
Djibouti Our embassies have been opened. In 2014, the Republic of Congo,
Rwanda, Botswana and began their embassies our activities in Benin. The Embassy
opened in Ankara showed that the African policy of opening our steps taken
unrequited stay.2

Mutual Enrichment of
Diplomatic Representations

Invitations were
communicated by the AU Commission. Also the host country invited other
countries to participate in the summit as observer. “A new partnership
model for strengthening sustainable development and integration” gathered
under the theme, and the Joint Implementation Plan was adopted for the
2015-2019 period with a Notice. These documents, as well as the future is
decided to collect in Turkey Summit 2019.

Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit

Summit for
evaluation of ideas, formulation of possible solution, and executions of the
proposals. All right are reserved and documented for certainty and future
references, to ensure smooth propagation of the Summit with positive result.1

Turkey-Africa Summit

Turkey reforming it
foreign policy towards Africa has taken a turn since 2005, and the issue has
been taken seriously as far as the practice is concerned. There has been
increasing of actions in Africa, in both levels and sectors of the economy in
the country, here we will discuss the practice perspective and see in what
percentages did the policy implemented.

Practice and the formality of relation

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