1. Make your resume:  Your resume should have all the information regarding how many years of practice of  yoga you have  and YTTC  of different styles you have done with different school or same school should be mentioned clearly.2. Don’t Quit Your Job:  Becoming a Yoga Guru or Yoga teacher quitting the present successful job is risky but its fruitful also after gaining some experience. So without leaving the existing job work as part time yoga teacher, save enough money to survive for at least 1 year  and then  start with full time yoga  training to the close by studios and take experience in studios by offering assistance.   3. Submit your information to Yoga Alliance:  You must register  your 200 hrs or 300 hrs certificate with yoga alliance if you have done course from yoga alliance certified Schools. It gives a boost to your CV.4. Market yourself:  Marketing is the key for successful business or start up. So start making  business cards , website make your nice portfolio with yoga poses and post it in Facebook, instagram and other social networking sites.  5. Decide you Cost per class :  While you may just be starting out, its is very important to know the rates in your location how much is the other yoga trainers charges.  Accordingly  you have to keep your tuition fee per class. It has to be competitive.    6. Network  Developing :  Meet yoga studio owners,  Gyms , or any healthy cafés  where you  meet people and you can give your handout or flyer or visiting card  to them.  7. Feedback from Friends & family:  before jumping to teach in  yoga studios or gym it is advisable to teach  your friends and family and them ask for honest feedback. Take their criticism in positive way  and try to improve yourself . 8. Talk to Charter Accountant:  If your are planning to develop your business in a big  way. Like running Yoga retreats in exotic places or running Yoga teacher training course or additional like fitness or Ayurveda you should talk to an Charter accountant or other tax professional so you can get proper guidance from their team.9. Yoga liability insurance:  The cost of the insurance is minimal we don’t often hear about injuries from yoga, but  it is important to be protected and purchase yoga liability insurance. 10. Continue your own practice: While you are developing your professional practice, don’t forget to continue to develop your own practice. To become a good teacher self practice is very important.  By completing your yoga teacher training, you have taken a great step toward your dream of becoming a yoga teacher and perhaps owning your own studio. If you are still looking to pursue your dream of being a certified Yoga trainer you can always go to Yoga Vimoksha and Internationally recognized Yoga studio in Goa. The best part they run the classes all round the year with great offers going on. 

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