2. While evaluation is a technical term, measurement is a simple word.

3. While the scope of evaluation is wider, the scope of measurement is narrow.

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4. In evaluation pupil’s qualitative progress and behavioural changes are tested. In measurement only quantitative progress of the pupils can be explored.

5. In evaluation, the learning experiences are provided to the pupils in accordance with pre­determined teaching objectives are tested. In measurement the content skill and achievement of the ability are not tested on the basis of some objectives but the result of the testing is expressed in numerals, scores, average and percentage.

6. The qualities are measured in the evaluation as a whole. In measurement, the qualities are measured as separate units.

7. Evaluation is the process by which the previous effects and hence caused behavioural changes are tested. Measurement means only those techniques which are used to test a particular ability of the pupil.

8. In evaluation, various techniques like observation, hierarchy, criteria, interest and tendencies measurement etc. are used for testing the behavioural changes. In measurement, personality test, intelligence test and achievement test etc. are included.

9. Evaluation is that process by which the interests, attitudes, tendencies, mental abilities, ideals, behaviours and social adjustment etc. of pupils are tested. By measurement, the interests, attitudes tendencies, ideals and behaviours cannot be tested.

10. The evaluation aims at the modification of education system by bringing a change in the behaviour. Measurement aims at measurement only.

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