11/14/17The House on Mango Street In the story “The House on Mango Street”, the author Sandra Cisneros uses simile and  to achieve a particular effect. The story “The House on Mango Street” is told through vignettes. In the series of vignettes the author Sandra Cisneros uses Simile and Tone to achieve a particular effect of finding your own identity. In this book the author struggles to find a way to leave Mango Street.  One reason how the author uses  Simile to create the particular effect of  the story by comparing herself and the young girl in that story. For example, in the book when she said, “Until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor,” In this sentence the author Cisneros is using Simile to compare  herself to a red balloon because her house is painted red and it represent  a balloon that is tied down because it’s represent that there is no hope that they would move out of the house. Another also uses Metaphor to achieve a particular  effect of wanting to be yourself. The author also compares herself to her sister, “Not the shy ice cream bells jingle of rachel and lucky’s family”. This quote is  saying that she is shy and don’t like what she is live in. This tells what her life is like in Mango Street.  The second, techniques the author uses is Tone. The tone is constantly changing in the story because it’s based on Esperanza mood. That makes the readers know what causing this. For example, her mood in some of the vignettes are based off her feelings and temper. One example of this is when Esperanza said, “The water pipes broke and the landlord wouldn’t fix and the house was too old”. This is showing how disgruntled with this house that she desperately wants to escape, conveying the tone of hopeful. Throughout, the vignettes she is constantly finding ways to leave through her tone.In conclusion, author Sandra Cisneros uses Simile and Tone to achieve a particular effect of wanting to be yourself throughout the book, “The House on Mango Street”

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