iii. It causes damage to trees and forest soil, leading to deforestation.

iv. It leads to decay of building materials and paints.

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v. It erodes statues, marble, limestone and monuments.

vi. It affects paints of automobiles as acidic rainwater evaporates from their surfaces to leave a scar.

vii. When the acids of the acid rain are in the atmosphere, they cause problems of visibility. Smog is produced due to acid, soot and other chemicals in air.

viii. Water that is present in watershed is severely affected because their soils are not able to neutralize acidic compounds. Here, the acidic rainwater releases aluminium from soils that eventually flows into water bodies and harms aquatic organisms.

ix. Forests are being disturbed. Acid rain causes leaves of the trees to turn brown and fall much before they dry up. Acid rain is known have to cause the death of entire stretches of forests.

x. Acid rain and the dry deposition of acidic particles contribute to the corrosion of metals (such as bronze) and the deterioration of paint and stone (such as marble and limestone). These effects significantly reduce the societal value of buildings, bridges, cultural objects (such as statues, monuments and tombstones) and cars.

xi. While walking in acid rain is not directly harmful to human health, sulphur dioxide (S02) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) react in the atmosphere to form fine sulphate and nitrate particles. These affect the human lungs and cause illnesses.

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