4. Pressure should not be exerted on schools authorities and teachers in the selection of books.

5. The text-books should not cast any reflection on any society, class, community or religion. They should help in developing the feeling of national integration and international understanding.

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6. Text-books should be prepared by subject experts. The authors should be given rewards for good books.

7. At the national level, good authors should be invited to write text-books for different levels of education.

8. The Central and State governments should work together for preparation of suitable text-books.

9. Some standard foreign text-books should be translated into Indian languages. It will facilitate availability of suitable text-books. This policy should be particularly followed for scientific and technical subjects.

10. The correction of text-books should be a continuous process and for this a committee should be permanently appointed.

11. There should be a government agency for the composition and publication of text-books in every State, This agency should publish some standard text­books of all subjects, but other publishers should also be free to publish good text-books on all subjects.

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