3. In it, a person tries to enable him to realise his purposes more effectively. For example: a teacher conducts his teaching more effectively. An administrator, in the education department performs his action to improve his administrative behaviour.

4. Action research is a procedure which tries to keep problem solving in close contact with reality at every stage.

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5. In educational system it conduits for the progress of the technique of teaching.

6. It strengthens and emphasizes the work of the teacher.

7. It has a great utility of creating new in­terest and new confidence in the ability of the individual teacher.

8. Action research provides practical utility. For class-room teacher, he applies his own observations into his class-room practices to make the observed problems solved. Minor problems in the classroom can be solved by applying the teacher’s intelligence.

9. Action research brings changes in the teachers. It makes them co-operative and active in facing the situation easily. It also happens to bring about changes in the behaviour, attitude and teaching perfor­mance.

10. Planning is the primary criteria in edu­cational research as well action research. To go through the problems much in sight is needed. For solving all these problems the teacher goes on reading references, literatures and also research techniques. So theoretical learning becomes fruitful when it is practically applied in the proper situation to solve problems in action research.

11. In education, all kinds of professional workers are able to solve their practical to improve their own profession. Generally, action research helps the teacher to face day-to-day problems in the class room.

He makes himself mentally stable and active to confront the situation. He starts his lesson with full aspiration and hope. When he is failed to get the real response, he feels dissatisfied and further he makes new moves to draw more responses. He understands the real difficulty of the pupils and finds out the causes to make his lesson effective.

In action research, the teacher becomes specific, disciplined and careful but not haphazard and general. In such attempts the teacher is able to know the individual differences and educational provisions for the students.

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