2. Mass Poverty:

It never goes above but goes along other evils—poor health, illiteracy, relative lack of communication and mobility. It is socio-economic condition that keeps the poor busy in struggle for survival. Poor are not aware of their roles and constitutionalism is threatened.

3. Sharpening of class contradictions:

The demands for better wages by have not and the political elites interpret it as a threat to law and order or harmful to national production.

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4. Dependence on Foreign Aid:

Neo-colonialism or Globalization: in such a situation, foreign- interests are accommodated and foundations of the constitutional government are eroded.

5. Personalismo (Personality Cult):

Person is more important than the institutions.

6. Corruption at higher places

7. Military intervention

8. Extra-Constitutional Machinery:

Pressure group politics (approaching decision makers personality, privately), lobbying.

9. Communication Network:

If there is private ownership of means of communication, information reaching masses at times being tailored to suit the political elites and serves somebody else’s interest.

10. The Market processes

11. Intelligence operation

12. Management of threat of Military attacks

In the end it must be noted that ever-changing completely of contemporary political life often draw attention towards states withdrawal from consti­tutional. However it must be realized that eradicating conditions of starvation, famine, disease, poverty etc. require discretionary action from the state.

Moreover, in third world countries the principle of constitutionalism must incorporate the principle of nationalism. It must reflect the democratic values and imbibe socialistic aspirations whereby it may balance values and divergent interests and classes and society.

It must recognize the efficacy of new international order, ideals of international law and justice and renounce policies and programmes of war or irrational protectionism.

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