Provision of first aid kit become a mandatory as part of
employer responsibility as stated in Section 15 of Occupational Safety and
Health Act 1994 (OSHA 1994) and Section 25 of the Factories and Machinery Act
1967 (Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994); (Factories and Machinery Act,
1974).  As the provision of First Aid must be consistent
and efficient as part of employee’s welfare, Department of Safety and Health
(DOSH) with collaboration with few other contributors had come out with the Guidelines
on First-Aid In The Workplace up to Second Edition revised version in 2004. The
main objective of the Guidelines is to assists on the first-aid facilities planning and implementation in the
workplaces by employers, occupiers and health and safety personnel. (Guidelines on First-Aid In The Workplace
(2nd Edition), 2004). However, the contents of the
Guideline is not covering a holistic idea of first aid management as it is too
focusing on the requirements without expanding the guidance on handling and disposal

As part of health
care products, the need of proper disposal of unused or expired first aid items
become important to reduce the burden on domestic waste treatment. Typical
component of first aid items vary with different type of products such as
paper, wood, consumable products, solvent based items and drug contained
materials. Some of the contents of first aid items are categorized as
hazardous waste. Even though the
quantity of first aid wastes produced is in small quantity, there is still some
risks and potential dangers for environment related to mishandling of wastes.
To start evaluating and understanding of the current state on first aid waste
handing, tertiary institutions are selected as the starting case study
considering nowadays university
communities can be considered as ”mini cities” with different degrees of
effect on the environment (Adeniran,
Nubi, & Adelopo, 2017). Due to this, it is justifiable for the need of proper first aid
kit management based on ‘cradle to grave’ concept to be introduced and
implemented in any workplace including tertiary institutions environment.

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