3.1 I work with a person with autism who has challenging behaviour with sever learning disabilities and has a few characteristics of been non-verbal that uses Makaton and flash cards so we can communicate and his characteristics are hand flapping, with challenging behaviour things need to be on his terms long as its safe to do so.  

1.1 1. Each locality should have an autism multi-agency strategy group

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2.Each strategy group should have a lead professional responsible for the local autism pathway for recognition and referral

3. The strategy group should set up a multi-disciplinary autism team to included paediatrician psychiatrist and a speech and language therapist.

4. There should be a single point of referral to autism team

5. A case co-ordinator should be identified within each autism case for a diagnostic case.  



2.1 Autism spectrum disorders are believed to be a biologically based neurodevelopmental disability. They may be a number of problems with the brain development and overall communication network and sensory information. And also, the usual patens in genes. The patents can be genetic. Autism can be because of parents taking drugs while pregnant witch can affect the unborn baby in children. The autistic mined is wired differently to a neurotypical person.     

2.2 The characteristics of an autism spectrum condition would be behavioural and social interaction and communication.

1. Behaviour could be being a person with autism could have unusually intense or focused interests where they may be repetitive body movements like hand flapping, intense on routines such as using the same rote home each day, doing things in the same order each time.

2.  Social interaction, People with autism have difficulty maintaining relationships they may not respond to many of the non-verbal form of communication like facial expressions that we use and take for granted they are often unable to understand the need for others. This is because they struggle themselves to make sense of their own wishes and they may withdraw into repetitive play or behaviour to avoid interaction.

3. Communication. People with autism may and have struggle with communication difficulties some can speak fluently were as others can’t speak at all. Autism people have various degrees of autism impaired communication could be delayed language development, difficulties initiating and sustaining conversation.         


2.3 The sensory and perceptual difficulties commonly experienced by individuals with an autistic spectrum conditions are

1. Noise sensitive

2. non-verbal

3.Challinging behaviour

4. communication difficulties

5. Social Communication Disorder


2.4 Other conditions associated with autistic spectrum could be

1. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

2. Bipolar

3. Hearing impairment

4. Down syndrome

5. Dyslexia

6. Dyspraxia

7. Epilepsy

8. Fetal anti-convulsant syndrome (FACS)

9. Fragile X syndrome

10. Hyperlexia

11. Social Communication Disorder

12. Visual impairment 

2.5 Language and intellectual abilities vary across the autistic spectrum as some people could be high functioning where you can have a convocation with and more understanding were some people could have low functioning with no verbal communication so you would have to use other methods to communicate such as flash cards sign language or pointing or asking them to show you. They may not understand simple things to keep them self’s safe so you would have to look out for signs on what they may want. 

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