3. Programmes of different State Governments.

1. Programmes of the Central Government:

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Some seats are reserved for Scheduled castes in Government services. But many vacancies are not filled since qualified persons are not available in Scheduled castes.

To improve this condition, the Government have opened training centres in Madras, Jabalpur, Kanpur and Delhi for giving vocational information and education to Scheduled caste candidates before their enter in some Government service.

These centres are known as coaching-cum guidance centres. About 50 scholarships have been provided to scheduled caste students for education abroad. In Government education centres, more then 17 (1/2) percent seats are reserved for Scheduled caste candidates. Some seats are also reserved for Scheduled caste candidates in Medical and Engineering colleges.

2. Programmes under the supervision of the Centre:

(a) Students of Scheduled Castes are given scholarships to continue education after high school. At present (i.e. during 1992-93) scholarships are given to nearly 500,000 scheduled caste students and about 80 thousand scheduled tribes students.

(b) About 25 centres are engaged in preparing scheduled caste and scheduled tribe’s candidates for I.A.S. and I.P.S. examinations. By 1992 about 5000 such candidates were prepared and out of them about 1000 got success.

(c) The Central Government provides sufficient financial help to the State Governments for constructing hostels at the educational centres. Upto 1992 about 30,000,000 rupees have been provided for this purpose.

(d) Twenty institutes have been established for carrying out research regarding Scheduled castes. For contact with these institutes, a Central Research Advisory Board has been set up with about 40 members.

(e) The Central Government gives different kinds of aid for settling and education Scheduled castes. On the basis of this aid, provision is made for midday meals, hostels, residential schools, Ashrams, examination fees, scholarship tuition fees, etc.

3. Programmes of Different States:

The State Governments receive aid for Scheduled castes from the Central Government in the form of block grant or loan. On the basis of this aid, the State Governments help the Scheduled Tribes in the following ways:

(i) Running Ashram Schools.

(ii) Provision of educational equipment.

(iii) Establishing hostels and schools.

(iv) Giving scholarships for primary and junior high school education.

(v) Providing mid-day meals.

(vi) Exemption of tuition fees and examination fees.

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