It characterises traditional societies in which the people are backward and ignorant about their political systems. In such systems, there is very little specialisation of functions and there is combination of economic, political and religious roles.

Individual’s orientation towards the four categories of political objects is negative. He is ignorant of the agencies of government. He is aware of only his local community. He is not oriented to political action.

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2. Subject Political Culture:

Such a political culture is found in a society where people are oriented to the system as a whole and to its specifically output aspects. Orientations towards the other two objects, i.e., inputs and the self as political actor are absent. Individuals accept the system and its outputs passively, even negatively. They accept the values created by the system uncritically and passively. They do not attempt to participate and change the system. This type of Political Culture is found in developing societies.

3. Participant Political Culture:

In this kind of political culture, the individuals are fully aware of the four objects. They are active members of the polity, are conscious of their rights and duties, and are aware of the things which are happening as well as of the ways in which these are happening.

Individuals have knowledge of, feelings for and judgment about the four categories of political objects. They participate in the activities of the political system and are continuously engaged in evaluation and criticism of the system. This type of political culture is found in developed societies.

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