In the study of the social context of state, government and politics, Political Sociology essentially needs the knowledge of history of their evolutions. For this purpose it depends on History. Likewise, by analyzing the functioning of state and politics, Political Sociology makes clear the lessons of History.

(i) History is older than Political Sociology. History has been in existence since time immemorial. Its scope is very vast as compared to Political Sociology. Political Sociology emerged as a new field of study only in 1940s and is still a developing subject of study.

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In comparison with History, Political Sociology is more limited and narrow in scope and enquiry. History in wider and comprehensive in scope and enquiry.

(ii) Both Political sociology and History have a scientific character and both are positive in approach.

(iii) Several methods used by both Political Sociology and History are quite similar in nature and approach. Both make use of similar methods and techniques such as induction, observation, experiment, analogy and case history.

(iv) Mutuality anil interdependence characterizes the relationship between Political Sociology and History. When the political sociologist studies and particular period of culture or a term of leadership, he makes a contribution to the course of history. Similarly, when the historian presents a study or account of an era, a nation, a king, he provides a valuable basis for the work of Political Sociology.

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