Several approaches being used in Political Science have a direct link with the sociological approach. Political Sociology interacts with the state and other political institutes which require acknowledge of the social structure in which they are at work.

(2) Political Sociology uses several concepts, theories and approaches and generalizations of Political Science for studying state, government and politics. It needs their knowledge for undertaking the study of their social context.

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In fact, both Political Sociology and Political Science study state, government, power, authority legitimacy, interest groups, voting behaviour, political participation, leadership, elites, community power structure political culture, political socialization, social change, political modernization and development and some others.

Their scope overlaps and their methods have a large degree of similarity. Political Sociology tries to assist the processes of political development national integration and nation-building

(3) Political Sociology provides some material to Political Science. At the same time it also gets some material from the latter. Political sociologists can carry on their enquiries only by taking into account the political factors underlying various situations and developments in society.

When they study power, authority, political participation, voting behaviour, factors of social change, political behaviour and the like, they have to understand the nature of politics in society.

(4) When political sociologists study public opinion on various issues and challenges being faced by a society they have to depend more on Political Science because it gives to them some data as well as the methods and techniques of study in the politically organised society.

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