It is a Utopian objective to achieve a human society free of prejudices, sickness, poverty and congenital disabilities. The following may be regarded as the main objectives set forth for eugenic improvement of human race.

1. Health:

Individuals with optimum health, both bodily and physically are an ideal asset in any human society. Such individuals can contribute for the maximum well being of the society.

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From the point of view of Genetics, a healthy society consists of individuals who are free from all types of hereditary disorders involving both body and mind. The average age of individuals must reach the maximum possible limit for the human genome.

2. Intelligence:

Man is an integral part of the biological world. From the point of view of body strength, physical attributes etc., he is not the strongest species in the ecosystem.

Yet he is the most dominant species today and is in virtual control of the whole of the environment both biological and biological.

This is made possible because of his superior mental attributes. Hence intelligence is an important human trait that should not only be preserved, but also should be improved.

The average intelligence of the human individual has been improving no doubt as can be understood from the course of human history. Improvement of human intelligence for the all-round welfare of the society is one of the foremost goals of Eugenics.

3. Moral attributes:

Morality in an individual is reflected both in his deeds and words. These should be such as to promote harmony, good will and affection among all concerned. A sense of belonging to the human society and fellowship towards other less privileged members is a sign of moral Evolution among man.

4. Variability:

It is often said variety is the spice of life. In any human society if there were to be a monotony of homogeneity, with no scope for variability, that society is bound to be doomed, as the members are not willing participants in the activity of the society.

Extensive variability, with basic unity of purpose is an ideal attribute for any human society. Individuals specialized in various fields not only provide an immense array of human attributes in the biological Kaleidoscope, but also contribute their best for the all-round development of society.

It is the responsibility of every society to provide all its members opportunities in an unhindered fashion so that their abilities find full scope of blooming let hundred flowers bloom, with not even one bud withering in the process is an ideal Eugenic goal.

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