4.1 The Property Safety CommitteeThis committee is responsible for overseeing potential risks and for ensuring that Group safety rules are respected. It also systematically follows up on all action plans. It oversees  the Company’s sustainable development actions for 10 years.4.2 The Treasury Security CommitteeIt make sures that risk monitoring and management procedures have been followed and that any risks identified have been tackled. 4.3 Sustainable Development CommitteeIt oversees the Company’s sustainable development actions for 10 years. It is made up of two members of the Executive Committee play an active role alongside the heads of the human resources, industrial affairs and distribution departments, as well as the heads of two métiers (Leather Goods and Silk) and the management of the Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès. It reviews the evaluation presented by the Industrial Department. These reviews concerns water consumption and the carbon footprint of different units,supply chains, social and environmental audits of the partners etc.4.4 The Group Operations CommitteeThe Committee meets every two months and comprises the heads of the House’s main corporate functions (approximately 15 people). It analyses projects’ technical and functional aspects, facilitates information sharing and acts as a decision-making body that tries to sustainable development challenges in a feasible way.Each of the Company’s main métiers and key subsidiaries has its own local sustainable development committee. These committees are formed to launch and monitor initiatives, share their achievements at regional meetings or other forms internal communication. For example, all French sites and subsidiaries organise operations with their employees during the European Sustainable Development Week. Hermès of Paris, the American subsidiary, has run a Sustainable Development Week every autumn since 2013. This year, the event included an internal competition on the theme of creative recycling. In 2016, members of the Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong sustainable development committees met for the third consecutive year to share their operational practices and jointly create an eco-actions charter for stores.

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