(2) Availability of Subjects according to Mental and Physical Ability of Students:

Due to the different physical and mental caliber of students, it is necessary to provide different types of subjects for their education. All students do not possess a uniform standard of physical and mental ability.

If some students are lean and thin, the others are more stout and healthier. Some are brilliant, while some are dullards. Similarly, their taste of subjects also differs. If some like science, the others are interested in literature. This problem of catering to different needs can only be solved through the diversification of the curriculum.

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(3) Full Development of Student’s Personality:

Full and proper development of student’s personality is possible through the diversification of the curriculum. The Commission has included practical subjects in the curriculum because it is through them that the personality develops. Bookish knowledge alone is not sufficient for this purpose. The Commission holds the view that organised practical activities of various types, develop the student’s personality more than the traditional subjects.

(4) Provision of Education according to the Changed Outlook:

The outlook on education has now entirely changed. Earlier, it was believed that what was being taught to the students was uniformly beneficial for all the students. But now, this view has completely changed.

Researches made in the field of psychology have clearly shown that students have different inclinations, likings, aptitudes, tendencies and energies. So different types of curriculum are needed for them.

(5) Fulfillment of the Social Needs:

Every individual cannot meet his daily requirements of life without the help of other members of society. Hence the progressive society has to meet many of his needs. The increasing needs of a society indicate its developing character.

If all the members of the society engage themselves in the same type of work, it would then be impossible to fulfill the various needs. Therefore, members of a society engage themselves in different types of work. Similarly, if all the students who are the future mainstays of society study the same subjects, it will not be possible to meet the diverse needs.

It is necessary for the all-round development of the society, that the younger generation be given education in various subjects in general, practical and commercial—so that various needs of the society may be fulfilled. The Commission emphasised the need of diversification of curriculum with this end in view. ,

(6) Producing Efficient Workers:

Efficient workers may be produced through diversification of the curriculum. Our country is passing through a stage of transition. There are a number of development plans before the country and efficient and trained workers in different fields are needed for successfully implementing them.

The Government has opened a number of technical institutions for achieving this aim. Secondary schools prepare students for these technical schools. So the inclusion of practical and technical subjects is necessary in the curriculum of secondary schools.

By the study of only literary subjects, the schools will become unilateral and there will be no multilateral development. Keeping this purpose in view, the Commission recommended the inclusion of various types of subjects.

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