2. Neglect of the Principle of Equal Opportunity for Development:

In a democratic system, the principle of equal opportunity for development is recognised. Public schools clearly neglect this principle. Only children of rich people can study there, whereas many able children are deprived of such facilities.

Sometimes some children of poor families are sent to study in them by providing scholarships but the percentage of such children is negligible. So to allow public schools, to continue is an insult to democracy.

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3. Public Schools a Cause for the Poor Condition of Schools Meant for the General Public:

Children of rich people, minister and other influential persons and high officials study in public schools. When their children are able to get educational facilities in well-equipped public schools why should they bother for the education of general public?

This is one of the reasons that the condition of the general schools is so miserable. They have neither good buildings nor furniture and other necessary equipments. For these reasons, senior officials and the influential people do not like to send their children to study in general schools.

If they are forced to send their children to general schools, they will pay attention towards improving the condition of general schools. It is evident then that so long public schools exist, the condition of general schools will not improve.

4. Complexity of Language Problem due to the English Medium of Public Schools:

English is the medium of instruction in the public schools. So the people who have studied in these schools have good command over English. They do not have good command over the mother-tongue. Such people support English for use in future life.

Since English is the language of the Government, such people are able to get government services easily. Thus, a special class of the supporters of English is being created due to the public schools.

This class in not in favour of giving due place to the mother-tongue in educational and administrative fields. Hence the complexity of the language problem is maintained, due to these public schools.

5. Public School—Another System of Secondary Education:

The secondary schools of our country suffer from scarcities in several ways. Secondary schools are very important for any country because the future citizens of the country receive education in them. But our secondary schools are incapable of providing useful education to future citizens.

In contrast, the public schools are such secondary schools that are providing education to the children of a select band of well-to-do persons.

Thus, in our democratic country the citizens are getting two types of secondary education. In a democracy two types of educational systems at the secondary level will be harmful because they encourage groupism.

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