5. How is Trump’s Presidency affecting Alt-right?5.1.1 Trump’s politically incorrect statementsTrump has made multiple statements which would be seen by a lot of people as politically incorrect. His declarations about immigrants and how they should not be allowed to enter the United States, and his patronizing view about Mexico are just two examples of this. These politically incorrect statements are however exactly what those on the Right appreciate about Trump and why they idolize him so much.5.1.2 Why does the alternative right like Trump?The alt-right movement consist mostly of young people. They want more liberty and more freedom of speech and the right to offend. This ‘freedom’ however is for the most part considered racist and misogynist. Trump has made a lot of populistic statements during his Presidency, which have led to a big following of alt-right supporters. Trump continuously makes statements which include trades of racism or discrimination on social media platforms like Twitter. Followers of the alt-right are very loyal to Trump because of his views around freedom of speech and socially-enforced standards, or how those on the Right often refer to as political correctness.5.1.3 Why is the alternative right growing?Trump’s presidential campaign has given the already existing alternative right members a lot of confidence and it has furthermore convinced mostly young white males to follow him and his populistic statements. Another big factor of the growing alternative right is the increased use of the internet. The far-right is mostly active online and they will use as many sites as possible to share their alt-right ideas with the rest of the world. They try to gather as many new members as possible and they do that by effectively using populistic statements to convince people that their believes are the right ones to follow.5.1.4 ConclusionTrump’s Presidency has definitely affected the alt-right in several ways. Trump’s populistic statements and right ideas have led to a lot of new members in the alternative right movement and as a result the alt-right has had a significant increase in popularity. Trump’s continuing tweets which have shown trades of racism and discrimination have also furthermore resulted in the alt-right having more faith in Donald Trump.

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