2. Hypothesis makes it clear as what is to be accepted, proved or disproved and that what is the main focus of study.

3. It helps the investigator in knowing the direction in which he is to move. Without hypothesis it will be just duping in the dark and not moving in the right direction.

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4. A clear idea about hypothesis means saving of time money and energy which otherwise will be wasted, thereby botheration of trial and error will be saved.

5. It helps in concentrating only on relevant factors and dropping irrelevant ones. Many irrelevant factors which otherwise get into the study can easily be ignored.

6. A properly formulate hypothesis is always essential for drawing proper and reason­able conclusions.

Hypothesis in brief, is the pivot of the whole study. Without well formulated hypothesis the whole study will be out of focus and it will be difficult to drawn rights and proper conclusions. In fact, hypothesis is a necessary link between theory and investigation which will result in the addition of existing knowledge.

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