(2) Changes in the Educational Pattern:

Following are the factors that cause wastage in education:—

(a) Lack of suitable reading material,

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(b) Unsuitable atmosphere of schools,

(c) Dearth of stadiums, play grounds and equipments for healthy entertainment, and

(d) Shortage of trained teachers.

Due to the above difficulties the ail-round development of children is not possible and schools appear to be confining like prisons. Under these circumstances to expect that a student will leave school after completing his education will simply be fanciful.

The condition of single-teacher schools is deplorable due to shortage of trained teachers. If due to some reason the teacher fails to attend the school the class turns into a noisy market and no guardian likes indiscipline and noise in the school.

Besides, to think that the same teachers will teach with equal zeal and efficiency all the classes is to expect too much from him. The wastage in education can, therefore, only be checked when these defects are removed.

(3) Educating the Parents:

Another important reason for wastage in education is the illiterate parents. Being unaware of the importance of education in human life, the illiterate parents do not send their children to school or even if they do send them, they remain indifferent towards the educational progress of their children which in turn causes wastage.

As such, part-time educational institutions should be set up to create interest in the parents towards education. The government is making some efforts in this direction.

(4) Due Change in the Administration:

Adequate reforms have to be made in the administration of the Education Department in order to check the wastage. This can be done by increasing the strength of inspecting staff, introducing a better inspecting system and providing more reasonable facilities.

Besides, a definite education policy should be formulated and rules should be framed regarding age, efficiency, capacity and admission of children. Emphasis should be laid on regular attendance and standard of education should be raised. Local voluntary bodies should take keen interest in the sphere of educational development and administration.

(5) Removal of Social Evils:

The main social evils that stand in the way of development of education are child marriage, indifference towards female education and narrow outlook towards co-education.

Revolutionary steps to eradicate these evils will neither be proper nor practical. As such, the educated citizens of the country should patiently and steadily work for the removal of these social evils.

(6) Solving the Financial Difficulties:

Ever since the country attained freedom, the Government of India has been consistently making efforts for the economic development of the country. Some success has been achieved during the various Five Year Plans in this sphere, but it has not been adequate keeping in view the present needs and requirements.

India is an agricultural country and as such, besides industrialising the country, efforts are also being made for the development of agriculture and cottage-industries.

It is hoped that by the end of the 8th Plan when various schemes relating to economic development are completed, the economy of the country will improve considerably.

Recent statistics reveals that the average income of an individual has increased by 18 per cent but the cost of living has increased more than four hundred per cent. Under these circumstances, it is wrong to think that the 18 per cent increase in income will solve our economic problems.

It is, therefore, necessary that while we complete our development plans we should also make efforts to check the inflationary trends.

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