Abstract – This paper presents the
concept of major material handling systems known as AGVs. Automated Guided
Vehicle is a robot that can be accessed using wireless communication. It can be
used to deliver the materials from supply area to the technician automatically.
AGV travels along the virtual path provided to it using computers. Hence, this
requires less human intervention and manual control. Also, to avoid collision
with human workers, a proximity detector can be added which causes the robot to
stop as long as there is an obstacle in its way. The human errors has a
negative effect on safety, efficiency and quality. These effects can be reduced
using Automated Guided Vehicle, AGV.

Index Terms – Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Radio Frequency (RF), docking, ATmega 16,
Wireless communication.

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I. Introduction

in manufacturing technology allow companies to rapidly produce products. This
has provoked a trend to reduce bulk inventory in favor of short term supplies.
Improved product handling and speed can be achieved with the implementation of
an Automated Guided Vehicle, AGV. With the help of intelligent computers, the AGV can
safely achieve higher speeds. The AGV is highly flexible as a result of remote
communication. Its ability to communicate with other autonomous vehicles
provides a seamless operation. The AGV can detect objects in its collision
path. Increased product turn-around and faster shipping will result in more
satisfied customers. More number of AGV’s can result in a very efficient team
work and can be very useful in various industries. Also, it creates a better
working environment. AGV models are developed as prototype for implementing and
evaluating algorithms proposed.


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