7 Crazy Ways to Spice Up Your Toasty


Preparing a toast as a snack or your morning go to breakfast is like taking a walk in a park. But let’s face it, we all want variations in our life don’t we? Especially when it comes to our daily menu. Plus who wouldn’t love to use some new ideas to impress a friend or that special someone with their culinary skills even if it’s just whipping one awesome toasty!

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I present to you some new crazy ideas which will blow off your mind and taste-buds and would actually save you a trip to those restaurants with exorbitant prices when you can make a fancy breakfast sandwich all by yourself with ingredients that are not even heavy on the wallet.


1.         Smoked Gouda with Bell Pepper Grilled Cheese



Guys! I will start with a real easy one. Goudaaaa!!! Yummy right?? This Dutch staple is our new favorite!! Whipping up this baby will not take you more than a couple of minutes and roasted peppers will give your sandwich an added kick and aroma. This is not only lip-smacking delicious but it’s also healthy as peppers are good for your heart health. You don’t even need to roast your peppers as your sandwich maker will do that for you!!


2.                   Peanut butter stuffed French toast



This one is a real winner. I do admit that making this toast will take up few extra minutes but it is really worth your time. It can also make for a memorable mid night snack satisfying that sweet tooth of yours. You can pick a regular Pullman bread you use for your sandwich or you can use a fancy French baguette if you like. Heat a skillet and dip those thick slices of your bread in egg milk flour and sugar batter with a little bit of vanilla or cinnamon to give it a nice flavor. Place your dipped bread slices on lightly buttered skillet and cook both the sides till they look nice and golden brown.

Layer both your slices generously with peanut butter and make a sandwich out of it. If you want to be more creative add some chunks of banana in your sandwich and finish it off with sprinkled icing sugar on the top. Voila! Your sandwich is ready to be devoured.


3.                 Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

With this scrumptious recipe, you can have a true Arabian experience right in the comfort of your own home. Toast your bread slices till they are cooked through firm tender. Add a plentiful layer of preferably fresh home-made hummus which you can conveniently substitute with store bought version. Top your sandwich with all the veggies you prefer for your sandwich. Also sprinkle a few sprigs of mint leaves or rocket leaves to finish off this recipe. And yeah if you are wondering why the color of the hummus in the picture is green; that is some blended avocado which of course is healthyy.. Did I mention feta cubes??? Do add those for the love of toasties. J


4.                Go Green Panini Sandwich      



This sandwich is not as difficult to make as compared to its fancy name. All you need to do is fetch those leafy greens and put them together in a sandwich. Pre heat your sandwich maker before placing everything together. Layer your sandwich with green pesto and add avocado, baby spinach leaves and fresh basil. To add flavor season your vegetables with salt and pepper. Your healthy green panini is ready in a jiffy.


5.                              Keema Cheese Toastie

Not only, this is an Indian inspired variation to your regular cheese toast; it is a popular evening snack in the sub-continent of the southeast Asian region. Trying this toasty will definitely get you hooked too. What is ‘keema’? Think spiced minced beef chili with reduced sauce. Or if you are feeling experimental try looking for an authentic recipe online. Its not hard to make either. Layer a generous amount of your keema on your bread slices and add a slice of cheddar. That’s all you need for this toast and it’s ready to go in your sandwich maker. This easyJ


6.          Chia Almond Butter Toast


I have to say this recipe is rather simple and yet quite different than your everyday butter and jam toast. Try layering a nice amount of almond butter on top of your crunchy toasted loaf and sprinkle some chia seeds on the top. It will look good and taste crunchyyy.





7.            Muesli Toast with Labneh Hazelnut and Honey


Last but not the least! Whipping this sandwich is as easy as pie! Not really, It’s easier than that. Toast your bread hard and firm. Top a nice layer of labneh (another middle eastern favorite which is a variation of sour cream but little more creamy). Sprinkle generously muesli, nuts and honey. You made yourself another award winning sandwich.



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