(2) Absence of Definite Admission Rules:

There are no definite rules regarding admission in primary classes. Any child of any age within the age group may seek admission in any class. The result is that there is no co-ordination and balance between one’s age and mental development and consequently the child may have to repeat a year.

(3) Unsuitable Atmosphere and Conditions:

Mostly two different types of atmosphere are faced by the student when he gets admission in the class. The first is that of his family or locality and the second is that of the school which comprises of children of various families and different social strata. It is generally not possible for all the children to strike a balance between the two.

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This maladjustment sometimes not only causes stagnation but also becomes responsible for juvenile delinquency. Delinquency being an easy way out of the problems faced by the young students does spread fast among children at this vulnerable age.

Sometimes the atmosphere at schools or the home being unfavourable for education causes stagnation. Many children do not get sufficient time to study at homes with the result that neither they complete the home-task nor the prescribed course within the expected time. Hence they do not achieve success in the examination. The stagnation is, therefore, natural in their case.

(4) Physical Weaknesses of Student:

A healthy body possesses a healthy mind. Our children do not get a balanced diet with the result that their physical development gets retarded. The mind and the memory, therefore, do not develop to the desired extent and the children fail to cope-up with their course within the prescribed time.

(5) Social Evils:

Sometimes some evil social practices also become major hurdles responsible for stagnation. Even to-day early marriages take place and the boys and girls get involved at a young age, with married life. They lose interest in studies and therefore, they fail in examinations.

Besides, on boys falls the responsibility of supporting the family and therefore they leave studies to take up a trade. Girls in particular are forbidden to pursue their education after marriage. Moreover, they have to, at their tender age, begin to house-keep and rear a family.

(6) Defective Education Systems:

Due to shortage of teachers, a teacher has generally to take many classes and teach various subjects. Under these circumstances it is simply a folly to • expect that the students will be able to complete their courses in time. Lack of trained teachers, dearth of educational material, unsuitable school buildings are some of the other clauses responsible for stagnation in primary classes.

(7) Deflective Pattern of Examination:

Through the present examination system efforts are made to assess the knowledge gained by the student in a year within a few hours through some questions. Not the least importance is attached to the work a student does throughout the year.

If due to any reason the student, despite knowing the subject matter, fails to answer in a particular fashion his entire year is lost and he once again has to repeat the class. Thus, the prevailing system of examination, besides being full of defects, also helps to increase stagnation.

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