(2) Regulation of Admission Policy:

The administrators and the inspectors should formulate a uniform policy and strictly observe it- Stagnation may be checked by framing rules regarding the age and the stage of mental and physical development for the purposes of admission.

(3) Improvement of Atmosphere:

Changes in the home, society and school atmosphere should be made in order to stop stagnation. The changes made should aim at improving and making the atmosphere healthy. To achieve this, it is desirable that the public, the teachers and the government should co­operate.

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It is necessary to remove the evil social practices and false values. Restrictions should be imposed on indecent films, film-songs, etc. Much success in this sphere may be achieved by providing healthy entertainment to children under the supervision of teachers and adult education to the illiterate parents.

(4) Improvement of Health:

Physical development is necessary for mental development of students, but the tragedy is that most of the parents in our country are unable to provide nourishing food for their children. In view of the helplessness of the parents it is the responsibility of the State to take over the charge of providing food to the future citizens of the country.

Indifference of the Indian Government towards this problem when other nations are paying so much attention to the development of their man-power may prove harmful for the nation.

It is, therefore, necessary to provide milk and other nourishing foods to the school-going children. This is necessary for removing stagnation and for building up healthy citizens.

(5) Improvement in Teaching Method:

The Prevailing teaching methods being unpsychological and unattractive cause stagnation. The problem of stagnation may be solved to a large extent if psychological systems prevailing in other developed countries are adopted in this country, too.

In adopting these systems we will face the difficulty of financial resources and sufficient number of trained teachers. This difficulty may be overcome if love for education is created in rich persons.

(6) Stopping Child Marriage:

Although child marriage has been proclaimed an offence under the Act of 1930, and other Amendments to the Act yet this social practice continues. Unless the society looks down on this practice with contempt, it will not be stopped.

As such, it is the duty of the public and leaders to put an end to this practice. The government, too, should take effective steps to ensure the implementation of the Act.

(7) Reforms in the Examination System:

The system of examination should be based on the principle that education is imparted for success in examinations. The system, therefore should examine the whole year’s work and promotions should be given after testing the real knowledge acquired during the period of study.

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