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Teachers often state that what they find most satisfying about their work is the opportunity to instill a passion
for their subject in their students. My main priority in teaching is to help students develop the skills to synthesize
and communicate ideas while taking ownership of their education. It is my responsibility to present topics and
concepts in a clear manner, and to challenge students to comprehend the subject beyond basic facts.
I believe in Thomas Carruther’s statement that “a good teacher is someone who makes himself progressively
unnecessary”. In my opinion, good teaching practices are rooted in scientific scholarship, not anecdotal points; and
much of this philosophy is based on educational research. Also, a good teacher should make a conscious effort to
make the latest research an integral part of teaching and enable students to understand the underlying principles
behind any computational drudgery. My ultimate goal is to prepare my students with the background knowledge,
critical thinking and problem solving skills, and the teamwork tenet they need in their future careers.
I personally view teaching as a blend of exciting opportunities for learning new material, serving the community,
interacting with a diverse crowd, and delivering innovative ideas to a broad audience. I am passionate about
experiential, active learning that is problem-based, social, interdisciplinary, and leverages technology. In my view,
teaching should not be limited to the presentation of techniques and notations. Instead, it must also focus on
the fundamentals and implementation of subjects. This can only be grasped by the combination of theory, as an
enlightening factor, with hands-on experiences that allow students to understand the problem and apply software
engineering principles. I believe students should be exposed to more realistic situations. To this end, I strive in
making teaching a transformative experience combining learning, fun, and personal development. In teaching and
advising, I make every effort to ensure that the students find me accessible, so that they know that I genuinely
care about them and am interested in their learning process.

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