Effects of Earthquakes:

i. They cause loss of human life due to collapse of buildings.

ii. Transport is affected due to disruption of railway and road systems.

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iii. Infrastructure like buildings, dams and bridges develop cracks due to earthquakes.

iv. Earthquakes have economic effects like setback in trade and agriculture. Assets like houses and other buildings are also destroyed.

v. Problems arise due to shortage of electricity. At the same time, underlying cables are disturbed leading to disruption of communication systems.

vi. It becomes difficult to meet basic necessities of people like food and water.

vii. Water shortage also leads to rise of epidemics due to lack of proper sanitation.

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Management and Mitigation of Earthquakes:

Earthquakes cause tremendous harm to human life, environment, and surroundings. Human life requires immediate medical aid and reconstruction services. But we can be better prepared to meet earthquakes by:

i. Constructing earthquake resistant buildings and structures. This will reduce the number of casualties and cause lesser economic damage.

ii. Architects should follow the building codes that have been laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The authorities should ensure that only appropriate plans are passed for a new construction.

iii. Rescue and relief operations should be kept in place to meet all eventualities.

iv. Adequate medical facilities should be provided to cause least harm to human life.

v. People should be made aware of the importance of constructing earthquake-resistant buildings.

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