(a) Growing centralization of power in a state or society:

This is an important consequence of political modernization wherein all kinds of power get centralized. As a result, political power becomes an important factor in itself and other powers regulate the domain of other powers.

(b) Growing interference/penetration of centre state in the affairs of the society:

Unlike the traditional conception of minimum inter­vention, today the state has come to occupy a pivotal position in the affairs of the society. All aspects of society have come under the purview of Government. The notion of welfare state is outcome of this trend.

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(c) Growing complexity of the political system:

The trends towards party politics, pressure group, bureaucratic functioning is eloquent in infestation of political modernization. The state has been called upon to perform in diverse streams.

(d) Decline of traditional basis of authority:

The power of tribal lords, kings, priests and popes, head of the family significantly decline, as a consequence of political modernization. In its place rises a new source of political authority.

New institutions arise and attain legitimacy on account of delivery system. This aspect has been emphasized by S.P. Huntington and Karl Dentsch.

(e) Differentiation and specialization of political institutions:

Unlike the traditional societies, there exists differentiation and specialization of political institutions. It enables these institutions to deal effectively with the complex task of government.

(f) Increase in political participation:

It is not only an indicator of number but also reflects responsibility on the part of participants. As a result it ensures stability and continuity of the political system.

(g) Multifarious and broad-based bureaucracy:

It is a logical outcome of increasing instrumentality of the political system to deal effectively with the task of administration. Its composition remains an essential precondition for its effective functioning.

There remains a varied diversity in every society and they are associated in political system to deliver the goods.

(h) Increasing interaction between the individual and the political system:

In modernized political system people show commitment and maturity towards the political institutions. They rise above vested interests of caste, creed, culture or ethnicity.

A brief list of politically modernized systems suggests that they remain a peculiarly western phenomenon exhibited mainly in the developed countries. On the contrary, the developing countries show little fragments of those traits.

Thus they are not put into the category of modernized ones. Nevertheless, they have their novelty suited to their conditions.

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