The Federal Governments gave help to the State Government in various forms, e.g., Loans, Percentage, and Grant for educational expenditure, Grant- in-aid, Vocational Rehabilitation Grant, Forest Reserve and Mineral Royalty Grant.

Similarly, Land Grants also take different forms, e.g. Agricultural and Technical Land Grants, Satine Grant, Section Grant and Swarup Land Grant. State Governments gave grant-in-aid to the schools according to their needs.

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2. Help to the Areas administered by the Federal Government:

The Federal Government helps in the expansion of education in the areas under its direct control by providing finances for its employees, State Governments and private educational institutions.

3. Partial Help by the Federal Government:

The places within the boundaries of the U.S.A. and those which are under the control of the Federal Government receive partial or full help from the Federal Government.

4. Help for Education of Red-Indians:

The Federal Government holds the entire responsibility of education of the Red-Indians.

5. Responsibility for Training of its Employees:

The Federal Government holds the responsibility of training all those persons who are in the service of the Federal Government.

6. Co-operation in Educational Programmes Abroad:

Federal Government encourages all those educational programmes which are sponsored by the joint efforts of the other countries of the World.

7. Publication of the Educational Information of the States:

The Federal Government publishes and diffuses information regarding educational progress and activities in the States.

8. Bringing Uniformity in the Education of Different States:

The Federal Government tries to bring uniformity in the education of all the States, but does not pressurize the States for it.

The Federal Government provides most of the financial help and grants to the States without any control and pre­conditions but for some grants it tries to see that the prescribed rules and conditions are fulfilled.

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