2. Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947:

Indian Nursing Council act, 1947 act lays down the educational standards and requirements for registration of nurses.

3. The Pharmacy Act, 1948:

The Pharmacy Act, 1948 deals with the establishment of pharmacies and drug stores and with the profession of pharmacist’s.

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A hospital has to acquire a drug licence if it sells drugs across the counter, where only registered pharmacist can be employed for dispensing of drugs.

4. Births and Deaths and Marriages Registration Act:

Births and deaths and marriages registration act lays down the responsibilities of the hospital regarding informing births and deaths in hospitals. All births and deaths taking place in the hospital are to be registered under the act. They are to be notified immediately to the local municipal authority and the Registrar’s office.

5. Miscellaneous Acts Applicable to Hospitals Societies Registration Act, 1860:

Societies Registration Act, 1860 governs the working and management of institutions established or owned by charitable trusts.

All hospitals in the voluntary sector or nongovernment organisations (NGOs) in the field of medical care have to be registered under this act.

6. State Public Charitable Trust Acts:

Some states have enacted their own public Charitable Trust Act which generally governs the detail working and management of hospitals established by public charitable trusts. In such states, the society must also be registered under the state act.

7. Acts in Relation to Establishment of Hospitals or Nursing Homes:

There are local laws in each state governing the esta­blishment and standards about the hospitals/nursing homes. Such acts should be studied in advance. Maharashtra has its Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act of 1949.

8. Shops and Establishment Acts:

Any establishment legally falling under this definition within the local municipal jurisdiction has to be registered under this act.

The act may be known under different titles in different states. Maharashtra has its Shops and Establish­ment Act of 1948. If any hospital is governed under this act, then it is also governed by all other labour enactments.

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