Belarus’s government is a dictatorship. Being a former Soviet Republic, the nation still has close dealings with Russia. Russia has heavy investment in the economy of Belarus and supplies the nation with Natural gas. This relationship and the lack of a truly democratic government would lead to Belarus being classified as a mostly unfree nation. The belarusian government handles most of the big things in Belarus, such as trains, which makes it harder to purchase from them.Higher education in belarus is free, as well as the lower levels. The Ministry of education in the republic of Belarus is who runs and funds all of the education in belarus. Each student has the right to go to either a public or private school. Women and men have the same rights when it comes to freedom of movement and access to public space. In addition, the score from the Early Childhood Development Index varies little by gender, although girls score higher in literacy and numeracy.Independence jeopardized their physical and economic welfare for a majority of Belarusians. The health of the population was threatened due to environmental problems, the loss of life savings, and the continued effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. In comparison to other east european and former soviet republic nations, Belarus clasked in GDP. “The GDP per capita of Belarus declined from US$2,761 in 1990 to US$2,198 in 1998, while per capita GDP in Russia and Poland increased by over US$1,000 during the decade (based on the 1995 exchange rate)”. For the majority Russian is the language of Belarus, despite the fact that they declare themselves ethnically be Belarusian. The language is still a required subject in all Belarusian academies and has the rank of a state language alongside Russian. Meanwhile 65 % of the population declared that they spoke Russian at home, another 25% reported Belarusian. Only 9% speak a mix of  Belarusian- Russian language. This goes to show that Belarus has different areas which allows for different languages to form.  

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