4. The expenditure of public schools should be reduced. The fees charged in these schools should be reduced so that the children of general public may take admission in them. In such a situation, the Central and State Government both should provide financial help to public schools.

5. The name of the public schools should be changed to Janta schools. They should be considered Janta schools rather than private schools. Indian educational system, Indian culture and Indian problems should receive special attention there. Efforts should be made to adopt ancient Indian Gurukul system as far as possible.

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6. The students for admission in these schools should be selected on the basis of merit. For this, emphasis should not be laid on the knowledge of English. This selection should be open to the children of all classes of society.

If some child is poor, the government sho.uld undertakes the responsibility of his entire expenditure of education. In selection, the consideration of his being rural or urban, rich or poor or of a particular region should not interfere in any way.

7. It is good that provision for good education is made in public schools, but their pomp and show, luxury and wastage should be stopped. They should not have more than the needed resources. Simple standard of living should be encouraged there. All the students should lead a simple life.

8. The salary of Public School teachers should not be more than the salary of general secondary school teachers otherwise, they will consider themselves superior to other teachers. They can be provided lodging and boarding facilities within the school premises so that they may perform their duties carefully.

9. Public schools should be provided all the facilities by the government, but in order to maintain their usefulness, it is necessary that they are kept away from the red-tapism and pressure of educational authorities; otherwise there will be no difference between them and the general schools.

The headmaster of these schools should be free in every respect so that he may arrange all necessary facilities for the development of the personality of children and at the same time work according to democratic traditions.

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