In contrast, Islamic territories were open for the people of enemy territory, and Moslems had a humanitarian behaviour with them, especially with Followers of The Book.

Nevertheless, when the specified period of residence of a foreigner was expired, he was not immediately banished, and before regarding him as a tributary (Followers of The Book, except Moslems), and imposing the conditions of tribute are imposed on him, he was requested to leave the country, and enough extra opportunity was given to him, which was extendable.

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Not only in middle ages, but also in the primary centuries of the next period, the changes and limitations for acceptance and residence of the foreigners, was completely justified and logical, because there were a lot of dangerous adventurous people in that period.

2. Freedom of performing religious rites.

3. Immunity from invasion, consisting of good behaviour, not insulting, immunity of life, property and reputation, and residential place, and religious place. Concerning immunity of life of asylums The Prophet S.A. says: anybody who kills one of those who are under protection of Islam, will never enter paradise.

4. Such immunities practically include also the wife, immature children, mature girls, and mother, and grandmothers, and maids of the asylum.

5. Freedom in selecting residential place.

6. Freedom in travelling in the Islamic country, except sacred places, such as Mecca and Medina.

7. Right of enjoying the regulations related to the personal affairs (for Followers of The Book), and inspecting the related claims as per their own religious regulations.

8. Right of having special cemetery (for Followers of The Book).

9. Exemption from paying tax in general.

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