In this section I wanted to focus on theexploratory puzzledefinition as a game-play style and leave out the specifics of various gameplays e.g. first, second orthird persons-view, interactions with non-player characters, narrative structuresand storytelling etc. I will expand on these specifics when I analyze gameplay ofother games that have this particularexploratory puzzlestyle below in section:3. I will base my definition off that gameplay is: “The structures of player in-teraction with the game system and with other players in the game.”1. Gamemechanics will be marked with blue and gameplay design patterns marked withred.Exploratory puzzlegameplay is an activity where the player has undirectedexploration and wanders freely around and solves puzzles by obtaining gameitems. When the player solves puzzles it grants the player a way to anotherpuzzle or access to another location e.g. room, island, planet, level or winningthe game. One of the main mechanics of the gameplay style is puzzle solvingwhere players have to explore and find game items that have been scatteredwithin the players location. The player needs to interact with these game itemsto reveal information about the puzzle or add them to their inventory. Thegame items can be for example: keys, locks, boxes etc. In this specific game-play style the player must utilize their logical skills and exploration abilities touncover something or find a solution to a puzzle to progress in the game.The puzzles can range from very simple to very complex. The simple puzzlesare generally those that can be solved without additional clues and are some-thing the player will be familiar with e.g. patterns, riddle, symbols, crosswordor mathematical puzzle, switches etc. Complex puzzles are often those that re-quire the player to manipulate a complex or combine items, clues and solutionsto solve the puzzle e.g. decryption, colors, cipher, series of preliminary puzzlesetc.

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