A large fire broke out in the Grenfell Tower after midnight of Wednesday 14 June 2017, killing at least 30 of its former residents and injuring more than 70. The blaze spread so quickly and cover an area from around the second floor to the top floor of the Grenfell Tower. The cause of the fire appears to have been a refrigerator, and the building cladding which is an accident could have been avoided by meeting all required building control and fire safety standards such as posting fire safety instructions at the building entrance and outside the elevator on every floor.  

This accident faced a difficult task in responding to the tragedy. First of all, the London Ambulance Service sent 20 crews of 100 medics to the West London tower block and about 200 firefighters strived the fire with 40 engines sent to the scene after the emergency services were alerted at around 1 am. Secondly, smoke could be seen filling the sky across West London from miles away hours after the blaze broke out.

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The Grenfell Action Group claimed before and during the renovation that the block set up a fire risk and residents had warned that access to the site for an emergency was severely restricted. Also, the council asserts the block has been inspected periodically and certified by completion of an electrician, however, London Mayor Sadiq Khan would have to be looked at the maintenance and safety issues. This is because tower block flats are built as a fire-resistant box and completely surrounded by fire-resisting construction from the rest of the building.

Due to the accident, Theresa May, the prime minister, her initial effort on June 14th was limited to three sentences statement expressing her sorrow. The next day she visited the tower and has announced that there will be a public inquiry into what happened, but it will be slow work and provide little in the way of immediate answers to those who lost family members or friends. Others responded Metropolitan Police says that is more effective to people’s anger that the death was expected to rise, and some bodies might be unidentified.

After the flames are gone, Londoners have responded to the tragedy generously raising more than $3.8 million and donating piles of clothes, food and daily necessities to the dispossessed. In my opinion, yet, even as the building still burned anger was beginning to grow, it is possible that the destruction of the tower block on Wednesday night could come to symbolize the end of an era in British politics because of its location and London has always been a city of contrast.






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