Joe is however a lovely man, he protected Pip when he was a little boy from the beatings he would have endured from Mrs Joe. Joe isn’t a very clever man either. He has a lack of education. Pip once asks him; ‘why didn’t you go to school Joe. ‘ This lack of education doesn’t make him a less-likable character though. In some ways we like him more because we feel sorry for him, also because Mrs Joe beats him. Joe does nothing about this as his mother was beaten by his father ‘He hammered away at my mother.

‘ Joe doesn’t want to react with violence and be like his Father did. He didn’t have a happy family life as a child and wants Pip to be happier. Joe also sees how much Pip loves Estella and hopes he will get his dreams. The probable reason that Pip is infatuated by Estella is that she is the only beauty he has ever known or seen in his dull life. She is also the one thing he couldn’t have which makes her even more desirable.

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When he first met her he spoke to Miss Havisham about her and said ‘I think she is very pretty’ and ‘I am not sure that I shouldn’t like to see her again’ These two quotations show us how he had his heart set on her, then relating it to later on in the novel we can see he has not had a change of heart. The further the novel continues the more Pip becomes a less-likable character. His attitude towards everything around him changes and the only thing he cares about is himself. Dickens has a very similar attitude on society, quite similar to Pip.

Dickens also started off lower class and built his way to the top. He saw how wealth supposedly made life easier and poverty made it miserable. I think dickens bases the character of Pip on himself. Closely related in the way of the storyline are Miss Havisham and Estella. Miss Havisham is an old woman full of misery and heart-break. She lives in a mansion called satis house with Estella. Miss Havisham invites Pip to come and ‘Play’ at the house. It is all part of a plan and she says she has ‘sick fancies. ‘ This shows something strange is going on in her mind.

Their house is more like a Prison and Miss Havisham is a prisoner in her own home as she never leaves the house. ‘The windows had been walled up’ and ‘old brick and dismal had many great iron bars to it. ‘ These are quotes about the house from the book which show us the appearance of the place in which they live. Estella is a great contrast as she is so beautiful. She is also under the control of Miss Havisham. This is where we can see the theme of education. Usual education for children was schooling but Estella’s lessons are of a different nature. She is trained to hate men and also taught how to break men’s hearts.

This is done because once, Miss Havisham was to get married to the love of her life but she was stood up at the altar. She can’t get over this and ever since the event she has remained in her wedding dress. Pip describes the dress saying ‘she was dressed in rich materials-satins and lace and silks. This not only shows she has a lot of money and is upper class but it also shows how she is trapped in time with her bad memories. The theme of revenge comes through here as Estella is her revenge on mankind and it is also a very selfish way of Miss Havisham feeling better about her self.

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