In the end of both plays, we can see the decreasing or increasing of the position of women in each one. In Miss Julie, she ends the play asking him “Help me-give me orders, I’ obey like a dog, one last service- save my name, my honour. You know what I ought to do, but haven’t the strength to do. Use your strength and order me to do it” Julie (pg 113). Julie is self destroyed and this is the final point of Jean’s power. Julie can only see one way out and this is by killing herself. But she lacks the power to make the decision and needs Jean to tell her to kill herself and even thank him for giving permission.

This clearly stated the inferiority she ended the play in relation to Jean. Strindberg wants to show the humiliation passed by Julie, to show the need that Julie had for that man in the end. He wanted to emphasize the idea of class and gender conflict happening in the play. In the play, Julie degrades; ending in an inferior position in relation to men. Julie started the play seeming a determined woman. The play ends with Julie, surprisingly enough being totally dependent upon Jean. After being entirely under a man’s domination, as she wanted, Julie displays lower position by begging Jean to give her permission to end her life.

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Nora since the beginning of the play looked like she was dependent of her husband, of his money and did what she was told by him. She had the ideal home, marriage and parenting. With the progress during the play, Nora realizes that with the final destruction of her ”doll’s house”, she should seek her individuality. Nora had sacrificed herself to save her husband. She always had discouraged the independent thoughts and actions as she had everything she needed. Nora realizes that Torvald is devoted not to her but to the idea of her as someone who depends on him.

So at this point, with courage and determination, she decides to leave her children, her house and her husband and go out into the world alone, in the desire of independence and of discovering herself. She shows the important sacrificial role of women, who leaves everything behind to survive, to be accepted and pursue her own identity. “A Doll’s House” wants to show the importance of women’s realization of the inferiority put in them, and that they should not be seen as so dependent on men but as a person herself with proper triumphs and aims in life.

The author wants to pass a message to women so that they can understand the subordinate position they are put in by society and change their attitudes. The titles of both plays have a say about the story of each one. “A Doll’s House” passes the idea of a perfect family place just like a dollhouse would be like. It doesn’t centralize Nora, but the environment where she lives. But, the play given the title of “Miss Julie” reinforces the idea of a woman, showing Julie to be the main issue of that play.

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