A well-designed and ideal living or working place
has objective to create positive impacts on perceptual and physical health of
occupants. In addition, the place should be an ecological and less energy consuming
as well. In this modern era most people spend their more time indoor at working
or living place. So, while designing this space, there should be bearing in
mind that this space should fulfill all the requirements of mental and physical
easiness. For example: considering an ideal home theater needs not only be
comfortable but entertaining also.

accordance with these significant viewpoints, this report layout the factors connected with
the design of a modern living or working space and makes recommendations concerning
the ideal design of home theater. This report is written for
Murdoch Institute of Technology as a portion of Academic English
course prerequisites. This data was explored on
the web and through group discussion.

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report will not only describes three
key components relating to the design of
a perfect living or
working place but also discusses about how to apply
these variables in the plan of a sophisticated home theater
and at last gives conclusion and explicit recommendations.


Affective factors refer
to physical design that can affect people’s arousing condition and leisure time.
In this report, two affective factors which are colors and lighting will be
portrayed in relation to designing for ideal home theater.

Selection of colors for home theater:

Colors are influential and powerful communication
tools, and these are directly tied to emotional and social influences.
react on multiple levels of association with colors — there are social or
culture levels as well as personal relationships with particular colors,” explains
Leslie Harrington, Executive Director of The Color Association of The United
States in 2011. However, the home theatre is often built around a dark
palette. Darker
colors (black and grey) make your theater more entertaining as well as
emphasized focus on the screen. According to a research “Black is real sensation,
even if it is produced by entire absence of light. The sensation of black is
distinctly different from the lack of all sensations.”(Hermann von Helmholtz,

Lighting scheme for home theater:

Indoor lights directly affect on emotions and mood. A
research shows that cool lighting conditions induced positive affects on
participants (cf. Isen, 1987). When it comes to the home theater walls and
ceiling, the goal is not to use anything that would distract from the room’s
focal point – the screen. In other words, lighting should never detract
you from your viewing experience, so subtle illumination is what you’re
looking for. Recessed and concealed lighting is ideal where possible. Like
LED floor lighting can be left on while the rest of the lighting is off during
a home movie session, to give the ideal theatre vibe. The research indicating
that relatively low illuminance and cool white light (i.e. light containing
more blue and green hues) received higher affective ratings from subjects than
high illuminance (Nelson,Nilsson and Johnson, 1984). Hence, lightings have
great influence on human’s emotional state so it should be entertaining and
relaxed while designing ideal movie room.

2.    Environmental factors

Natural degradation is a developing concern presently and numerous analysts concur with the
claim that individuals ought
to take duties for natural contamination as
most pollutants are caused by human exercises. Subsequently,
much exertion has been concentrated on plummeting contaminants. When it comes to planning a space, it has been a drift to utilize environment cooperative plan and frameworks to minimize the effect on
the environment.

3.1  Insulation

insulation can be one of the best ways to reduce environment pollution since
most of the energy used indoor is for regulating temperature (Omar, 2008).
Installing different types of insulations such as external wall, roof and floor
insulation can prevent the loss of heat, and consequently, can reduce energy
consumption by 20-40% (Balara, 2000).


3.2  Use of eco-friendly plants

use of Bamboo plants will absorb greenhouse gases. Furthermore, bamboo requires
no fertilizer, pesticides and chemicals to thrive. Bamboo’s environmental
benefits arise largely out of its ability to absorb carbon dioxide (Earth Talk,
2008).According to another research, bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and
releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of
hardwood trees (Tracy Li, 2013).


3.    Practical factors

Practical factors are concerned with improving
safety and entertainment using designs and useful equipments for ideal home

Ergonomics is the process of designing or organizing
work environments, products and systems so that they fit the individuals who
utilize them. It applies to
the design of
anything that includes people workspaces, health, safety, recreation and
leisure. For example, a chair with
ergonomic design to sit for a longer time to enjoy movie or seasons, the LCD
angle from sitting place should be correctly designed.

Useful equipments refer to devices,
such as, chairs, LCD and audio system which may assist the process of amusement
in better way.

4.1  Ergonomics in designing a home

to ergonomics standard, home theater room seating should be aligned appropriately
so viewers have an ideal screening distance. According to the Society of Motion
Picture and Television Engineers, “the angle of LCD from eye of occupant should
be 30 degrees. The vertical angle should be at least 15 degrees under the
horizontal. Chairs distance ought to be 1.5 to 2 times the thickness of the


4.2  Equipment for a home theater

designing a home theater room, having entertaining and healthy equipments could
be most important factors. High definition display, comfortable chairs,
affective audio system and internet facility (for online movie) are basic home
theater equipments. Moreover, movie room should be sound proof to prevent from
outside noise and vice versa.



report has outlined factors that should be taken into account when designing an
ideal home theater room, specifically the affective, environmental and
practical factors. Firstly, leisure and health condition can be improved with
appropriate and adequate lighting. Secondly, use of environment friendly
designs and system which can reduce the impact on atmosphere by allowing people
to save energy. Lastly, ergonomic design and selection of best quality
equipments can enhance the pleasure in movie room and at the same time protect
viewers’ health.




Based on the discussion of three factors
(affective, practical, and environmental), the following recommendations are


Affective factors


§  Provide
appropriate colors because they have direct concern with our emotional state.

§  Selection
of lighting scheme should be cool and low lighting with LED type material.



§  Installation
of insulation system to minimize the impact of the environment by saving

§  Use
of eco-friendly plants which improve quality of fresh air and create better



§  Use
agronomical standardized design to improve efficiency of entertainment and
protect occupants’ health.

§  Install
better equipments like HD display, comfortable chairs and better quality sound
system to make entertaining system more enjoyable.

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