“The Crucible” was written in the 1950s by Arthur Miller during the cold war between America and Russia. America, being a capitalist country disliked the fact that Russia were a communist nation and McCarthy brought in McCarthyism where he tried to hunt down communist sympathisers in the government and society.

This is linked to Miller because he was accused and he suffered because no one went to see his plays so he decided to make an allegory of current events by writing “The Crucible” in which he expressed some of his personal experiences through John Proctor because although it was set in 17th century Salem and the Salem witch trials it links to McCarthyism. Up to this point in the play Abigail accused people in Salem of witchcraft. The Proctor’s marriage is distant because John Proctor had an affair with Abigail. Abigail still has feelings for John so she accuses Elizabeth his wife of witchcraft.

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The court led by Paris and Danforth, the trials become corrupt and arguments between neighbours were about land rather than witchcraft Elizabeth becomes pregnant and therefore is saved form being hung. In the conclusion of the film adaptation of “The Crucible” the scene is set in a forest where John Proctor is signing a confession to admit to witchcraft but he changes his mind because he will be letting his friends hand for nothing: “I blacken all of them when this I nailed to the church the very day they hand for silence” This is telling us that he cannot let them be hung when their innocent and let the court get away with it.

Also in the ending scene to prove that John Proctor is a good man Elizabeth says: ” I do think I see a shred of goodness in John Proctor” this is explaining that after all that Elizabeth and John Proctor have been through Elizabeth knows that John is doing the right thing. The piece of paper makes the scene very dramatic as it backs up what John is trying to say and signifies what John is doing. “(Proctor tears the paper and crumples it and he is weeping in fury)” this is the stage direction which tells John to tear the paper to make the scene dramatic. When John Proctor takes the decision to hang.

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