Mr Jagger’s chair was given this description ‘Mr Jaggers own high backed chair was of deadly black horse hair with rows of brass nails round it like a coffin’. Obviously the coffin resemblance is significant it signifies the corruption he is involved in as many deaths he’s involved with. Also Deadly black horsehair is another link to death. Pip describes the room by saying it has a dismal atmosphere. This was not a part of Pips great expectations for London.

This is backed up when Pip comments that ‘I came into Smithfield; and the shameful place’. After talking to the drunk Minister of Justice Pip confirmed his dislike of London so far by saying ‘This was horrible and gave me sickening idea of London’. Mr Jaggers can be seen as a religious character because dickens wrote about him ‘Mr Jagger’s, putting a hand on my shoulder and walking with me on at his side without saying anything to me, addressed himself to his followers.

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The word followers links to Jesus with his followers, but also Jaggers is seen to be washing his hands just like ponchous pilot was always washing his hands clean. Jagger openly talks to his clients threatening to throw cases if they don’t do favours for him. This is corrupt and Pip sees this and thinks that London is not a good a place he originally thought. When Pip is introduced to his new home he is not impressed. It is described as melancholy, disgorged, dismal and dilapidated.

Not exactly his great expectation. Dickens used personification to enhance how run down the place was, he wrote ‘ crippled flower-pot’ and ‘miserable makeshift’. There are dark images and images of death when pip said ‘ A frowzy morning of soot and smoke attired this forlorn creation of Barnard and it had strewn ashes on its head’, Mourning is an image of funerals and death while soot ash and smoke are images of darkness. Earlier in the story pip is told that ‘ you may get cheated, robbed and murdered in London’.

He now feels this is true because his expectations aren’t what London is really like. Dickens wrote ‘He led me into a corner and conducted me up a flight of stairs-which appeared to me to be slowly collapsing into sawdust’. This represents Pip climbing the social ladder but the steps are beginning to crumble below him. Mr Pocket Junior treats Pip in a way in which he is not used to. Mr pockets is attempting to do everything for Pip but pip is willing to help so this far into the story Pip had yet to turn into a complete snob.

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