A place where royals roamed the halls, where treaties were signed, where affairs ran rapid between the bedsheets, and where the greatest massacre of French history began; the Palace of Versailles. The acres upon acres scattered across the outskirts of Versailles became the foundation of the most beautiful and evolutionary palace of all time. It is a symbol of European luxury, where levels of architectism were reached past the limits of time. A historic monument that has been changed and been remodel over countless decades, full of majestic rooms and gardens. However, the palace did not begin as the European luxury that is known today, nor was it ever supposed to be. Each ruler of France partook annexation to the grounds that resembled who they were as kings. The great King Louis XIV, predecessor of King Louis XIII, had taken the mere hunting lodge and private getaway his father had built and begun the transformation of a immense complex surrounded by English and French stylized gardens. The King and Versailles defined the history of 18th century France. The construction of Versailles set the ways the society of France saw style and King Louis XIV set the ways of how the people of France thought and lived. Louis XIV embellished the accomplishments and people whom had an impact in his life throughout the architecture. He truly evoked the converizon of making Versailles one of the most glamorous historical landmarks of the world. The land of Versailles was first taken upon by Louis XIV’s father; King Louis XIII. On August 24th in 16071 the former King visited Versailles for the first time during a hunting retreat and on the duration of that trip he simply fell in love with the land. Yet, years later when Louis XIII returned back to Versailles in 1623 did he begin the process of building a private retreat combined hunting lodge that could be used for more than day trips; thus beginning the process of something great. Louis XIV first visited the grounds of Versailles at a very young age during an outbreak of a smallpox epidemic along with his brother during the month of October in 1641, and a mere 10 years later did he return. Louis XIV developed a genuine liking for Versailles early on, and decided to extend it beyond the chateau that had grown out of the hunting lodge of brick and stone first built by his father.1 Therefore, he took it upon himself to become the architect of his masterpiece. Sadly, years later after the death of his godfather and First Minister; Cardinal Mazarin, in 1661 at the young age of 23 the monarch proposed that he was going to govern. He carried out the duties of leading the administration and rule of reorganizing the financials of the kingdom. The king also encouraged culture, painting, sculpting, theatre, architecture, and all of the sciences. He celebrated these at the palace which transformed the palaces atmosphere from a stark hunting lodge to a donjon that held grand parties and theatrical entertainment.

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