A Painted House takes place in a home in Arkansas. In the first pages, the setting of the book is very clear within the first couple chapters which is a testament to Grisham’s writing skills. The way John Grisham describes the way the family lives, the unpainted house, the dirt roads, and daily chores gets the reader into the book and “feeling” the emotion of the Chandler Family. As the story Progresses the reader begins to feel the tension that Grisham is masterful at. The main plot of this book is basically the Chandler Family trying to get by on the money they have and also Luke experiences murders that he has to decide on who to tell, if he tells. The Book is called A Painted House, because this is where the Chandler family lives. It is an old house that wasn’t painted for most of the book. Paint was to expensive for them to buy, so they didn’t paint the house. Like how when people lose their jobs or are on a tight budget, things become “needs” and “wants”. At this point, having a painted house was a “want.” So they preceded with not painting their house. When I first started reading it, I thought that the dad was lazy, or just too busy. But then I quickly realized that this was a case of being short on cash.Obviously, the title of the book is A Painted House and the book does clearly reference this. The home is not painted and one day Luke notices that some parts of the house is being painted. At first nobody knew who was painting the house but I read and figured out that is was Trot who is the youngest of Spruill’s. He is not exactly the smartest and has something wrong with his arm. The book goes on and Luke starts to help him painting the house by buying paint with his own money to paint the house. The story is about a 7 year old, his name is Luke Chandler, he is John Grisham. The time is hard for the Chandler family. The cotton is ready to pick but there is nobody to pick it. They Chandler family can’t do it alone, it is just Luke, Luke’s grandparents and parents living in the home. So they have to go out and find others to help them pick the cotton. They end up hiring some Mexicans and some people that pick cotton every year. They are basically hillbillies. Upon arrival of the Chandler home, these new hired workers set up their homes in the barn and in the front lawn in tents.

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