small business is a privately owned and operated business usually owned by one individual, family or a closed group
of individuals.
small business typically has a small number of employees’ maximum 100 workers. Small
companies are incubators of new ideas, products and services. They played a
vital role in innovation and they continue to do so today.

are those who create a new business in the face of risk and uncertainty for the
purpose of achieving profit and growth by identifying significant opportunities
and assembling the necessary resources to capitalize on them. Entrepreneurs are
more than just creators; they are change agents in society. The procedure of
imaginative demolition, in which business visionaries make new thoughts and new
organizations that make existing ones out of date, is an indication of lively
economy. In spite of the fact that this consistent stir of organizations some
rising, others sinking, new ones succeeding, and many coming up short concerns
a few people, in actuality it means that a solid developing financial framework
that is making new and better methods for serving individuals’ needs and
enhancing their personal satisfaction and way of life.

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entrepreneurs businesses fail before succeeded. Failure in an inevitable part
of being an entrepreneur and true entrepreneurs they see failure for what it
really is an opportunity to learn what does not work.

small businesses are one of the most important trends. And since it has many
benefits this what attracts us to start our own business which is the Seasonal Shop.
The advantages of being a business person are: the chance to make your own
particular fate, chance to have any kind of effect and be adding to society and
being perceived for your endeavors, chance to achieve your maximum capacity,
chance to increase noteworthy benefits, chance to do what you cherish and have
a fabulous time at it, and entrepreneurial soul and hazard taking.

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