A major threat to sustainable
development is climate change caused by greenhouse gases emitted from fossil
fuels. This and the finite nature of fossil and nuclear fuel materials makes it
essential to expand renewable energy supplies’ (Twidell,
2015, 1.7.3). The term ‘finite’ clarifies the importance
of developing alternative resources. Since humans have been heavily
obtaining and consuming resources that will soon run out. Limitation of this
form of reserves will cause a mass socio-economic crisis in the future. As a
result of this possible consequence, it is right to expand the development
of renewable energy. Having established the reasons for moving on from
using finite resources, the switch to renewable forms of energy to harness power
may also have some consequences. As Twidell and
Weir argues that ‘The environmental impact of a renewable
energy system depends on the particular technology and circumstances’ (Twidell, 2015, 1.7.2). It mentions that
there is a downside towards enabling renewable energy towards the environment.
To support this claim figure 15 displays the common types of
alternative resources that are wind turbines and solar panels. There
is no doubt that further usage of renewable energy will surely improve the reduction of greenhouse
emission. However, implementing system shown in figure 15 leads to increase
land use, noise and visual pollution. These are the outcome that affects the
environments, a result that people will soon be facing to tackle.

Nonetheless regulation put in
place to consider the rise of renewable resources is a right step towards
achieving the goal of sustainable development. With regard towards the effects
of clean energy, as it may not be as profound of an issue as the
effects of using finite resources. Since it may be obvious that
consumption of clean energy is still in its early stages. Twidell and Weir also explain that ‘We may expect
further changes to occur as renewable energy system become even more
widespread. The influence of modern science and technology ensures
that there are considerable improvements to older technology’ (Twidell, 2015, 1.7.3). This point
encourages the adoption of clean energy because support for further
understanding the cause will help improve the advance in being efficient for
the use of renewable resources. In many ways implementing the consumption
of clean energy will not affect nor influence global warming. Therefore,
the current limitation isn’t a significant issue compared to the cause of
emitting greenhouse gases.

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