Even more confusing at the end of the story is that the police turn up and are described as ” dirty, unkempt and hardly into their teens ” this a characteristic of a typical stereotype robber. The story ends on ” Police, Mrs Morrison. Understand you’ve been robbed “, this is the shock that the description of the teenagers in the ” modle panel van ” were infact the police. Another short story is ‘ The Adventure of The Speckled Band ‘. This is another misleading title as a ” Speckled Band ” could be anything. It makes the title ambiguous as it could mean more than one thing.

It is an unusual title as ‘ Speckled ‘ is a rare word which has many meanings and ‘ Band ‘ could be anything from a hairband to an elastic band. The title also excites the audience with the word ‘ Adventure ‘. The reader knows that an adventure is something exciting and something which will be fun. The opening is an exciting one which encourages the reader to read on. It is very descriptive and has many unanswered questions. The words ” fantastic ” and “unusual” are used in the opening which link in with some sentences.

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” untimely death “, this is unnatural of a story with such a title as ‘ The Adventure of The Speckled Band ‘. The characters in this short story widely known and are famous. Sherlock Holmes was a big comic during the time of this story therefore there was no need for the author to waste time introducing him. With there being less characters this helps the author to work inside his/hers limits and make the story more intense. Helen Stoner , the character who is most described in the story is all in black and showing signs of strain.

She is also heavily veiled this information may be brief yet it is important information for the reader. The other universal character in the story is Grimesby Roylott who is the grim, aggressive, threatening and abusive character who the author has named carefully. Grimesby this suggesting that he is a grim man. ” what has she been saying to you? “, Roylott is also a very aggressive man who is obviously worried about what Helen Stoner might have said. Being the father of Helen Stoner, Roylott is unusually quite aggressive and abusive towards her.

Grimesby Roylott tries to come across as a big person who you shouldn’t mess with. ” I am Dr. Grimesby Roylott of Stoke Moran ” and ” Holmes the busybody ” these showing how Roylott likes to act as though he is in control. ” I am a dangerous man to fall foul of! ” and ” Don’t you dare meddle with my affairs” this suggesting that the man is very aggressive and threatening. The timescale in ‘ The Adventure Of The Speckled Band ‘ is short but the story is kept at good pace which increases the intensity of the story. It keeps the audience moving with compressed intensity.

” It was nearly one o’clock when Sherlock Holmes returned ” this is describing how time is very short and everything happens within the space of hours rather than days. The setting of the story is described as an old haunted house which consiquently reflects on its owner ( Grimesby Roylott ). Its the old cliche of a picture of ruin. The clues to the mystery are linked in with the 5 senses. All of the rooms look out onto the lawn. ” while the roof was partly covered in, a picture of ruin “, the house was somewhere which would be associated with somebody like Roylott.

The ending reveils the title. This adds a twist to the story with it being unexpected and shocking, almost ironic. The irony of the story is that in the end the murderer is ultimately killed by the murder weapon ( The Speckled Band ). The preditor becomes the prey. But the biggest shock of the story is that Holmes is connected with the death of Roylott. ” I am no doubt indirectly responsible for Dr. Roylott’s death “. The Speckled Band is reveiled as being a snake which of course is a common reptile but the title mislead the reader into believing that it was something much different.

Ambiguous title. The two stories are typical to that of a short story genre because they have ambiguous titles and have are intensified due to the fact they are so short and have very few characters. Also there is very rarely more than one setting. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section.

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