A Research is the way when the number of studies is relatively small considering the importance malls have had in the current era depending upon the locality . Later aged female teenagers” had neutral feelings about the mall and shopping complex that they wanted their shopping venue to be exciting. In some ways the results of the Taylor and Cosenza (2002) study mirrors findings from a variety of other sources indicating that malls are slipping in popularity with consumers. In a study we compared mall behavior and  noted that even though consumers are going to malls less frequently, they all are making more purchases today than they did in the past, because shopping trend phenomena was common in gentry to do best shopping depending upon the behavior . However, the  to which these neutral feelings about malls are universal across all segments of consumers is not clear. Though trend of recent era mall related research has basically used “adult” younger consumers. Given the importance rating of “Helpful and Friendly Employees” the (significantly higher) percent of younger employees who don’t enjoy their interactions with customers can have huge implications for retailers. At the very least, this finding should impact the methods for hiring and training younger employees who interact with customers.Gen Y is a savvy  generation who knows the latest trend what they want and if they are not capable, can easily  find the answer using technology. Their connection regarding  with  large role in their purchasing behavior can easily translate the logical sense with the latest shopping behavior . Retailers should ask themselves, Can Gen Y customers reach us in a fast using technology way for example  online/through emails, instant messaging.. There is a significance association between Gender of the respondents..There is a significance association between amount spent in malls and the motivational factors.Gen Y requires more praise in the workplace and in their personal relationship than did previous generation while there is still some improvement t be made in providing employee.

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