Abolition was the legal end of slavery. In 1820's most of our society supported that Africans be shifted back to Africa how they wished too. But about 1,400 African Americans considered American their home, but all of those people were free. In 1831, William Lloyd Garrison started his own newspaper called " The Liberator"in which he wrote about setting slaves free, without any payments to slaveholders. At First Garrison did not have much support but later on when his newspaper got more recognized he got more support. Unfortunally Garrison was hang on a rope by white people who opposed him. In1829 a free black encouraged all African Americans to fight for freedom instead then wait for the government to change the laws. Not that many people really paid attention to him, but most still formed scores of antislavery. Frederick Douglass was an African American who knew how to read and write because of his owner, and he realized he could use that to be free. Frederick was inspired by Garrison and he became an enthusiastic reader of his newspaper, finally in 1847 he established his own newspaper called "The North Star", which guided slaves to freedom. From the 1800 to the 1900 the slavery has changed a lot and it also almost equal on male and females. By 1830 most blacks spoke enough English to communicate unlike many years before and most of them were born in America. In the 1800's slaves lived in my opinion bad conditions they shared little small, overcrowded slave quarters, they didn't have much furniture only wooden chairs and tables. They worked on hefty plantations from early in the morning till late at night. There were some slaves that worked at the owner's houses as maids or cooks. Which never had any time for them selves they were on call 24-7. By 1830's there was shortage of slaves on ships and in mills. Numerous numbers of women and children worked the identical jobs

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