The scope of this essay is to offer an objective description of the non-Westernized culture of the Australian Aborigines.This essay shall address and provide information relevant to the three relationships of cultural anthropology within Aboriginal culture.These three anthropological relationships are defined as the following:people and their environment (economic aspects of life), people and each other (social aspects), and people and the supernatural (religious aspects).For the purpose of a clearer illustration of the aforementioned, examples of customs exclusive to Aboriginal culture, and thus unique and interesting in nature, shall be cited interspersingly throughout the essay as well.As it is worth noting, the culture of the Aborigine as it is herein depicted is that which was in existence in the few hundred years just before European settlement occurred during the 16th century (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, sec. IV) andthus created an influential Western climate among the indigenous inhabitants.Hence, it is purely that traditional Aboriginal culture untouched by European hands that the researcher portrays in this essay.
An economic system, as defined by the researcher, encompasses the actions of a culture pertaining to the environment in which that culture lives.Hence, it is that relationship between a people and their surrounding environment that fosters the production, distribution, and consumption of the goods found within said environment (Haviland 476).Aborigines reached the continent of Australia some 40,000 to 60,000 years ago by ancestral migration from Southeast Asia using boats and rafts presumably constructed of bamboo (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, sec. II).Some 35,000 years ago, Aboriginal groups had effectively established themselves across Australia, but only in sparse number across the daunting central desert (sec. II, A).From the time of their initial arrival in Australia to before E…

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